General Guidelines:

  • You may submit only once per reading period.
  • All submissions should be submitted via Submittable only. Submissions sent to us via email will not be read.
  • Your submission must meet both our general guidelines and the specific guidelines for the category in which you are submitting. (Categories of work accepted include Poetry and Translation, as well as Visual Art and Photography. Please note that there are separate submission forms for each of these categories.)
  • Please include a cover letter with your submission that includes a short biographical statement. We ask that you limit these statements to 1–2 sentences per artist (translators need not submit additional bios for the artist or artists whose work they are translating).
  • In submitting your work to us, you guarantee that the pieces included in your manuscript have not been published before—either in electronic or print form—and that they constitute your original creative work. You also guarantee that, if your manuscript includes one or more translations, you hold all necessary permissions to publish the translated work. For original work, rights revert to the author upon publication of the work.
  • We are a two-person, volunteer editorial team, so we sometimes read slowly! Please allow approximately eight weeks after the end of the reading period before you query us about our response to your submission.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but you must alert us to which poems have been submitted simultaneously and must inform us immediately should they be accepted elsewhere.
  • Submissions that do not meet our guidelines will not be read.

Lantern Review seeks original poems and poems translated into English for the forthcoming (2019) season of its magazine.

  • Guidelines for original poems: Collaborative or individual; lyric, experimental, or hybrid forms—all are welcome! Please submit no more than four poems at a time (eight pages maximum). All poems should be included in a single file. See our general guidelines for more information on simultaneous submissions and rights. For collaborative pieces, please submit under the name of only one artist but include all collaborators’ names in the "Description" field, in your cover letter, and in the manuscript itself. 
  • Guidelines for translations: We seek new translations of poems into English. Please submit no more than four translations at a time (eight pages maximum). Indicate the name of the original poet as well as your own in the “Artist Name(s)” box. Unless the poem you have translated is in the public domain, please also make sure that you have previously secured all necessary permissions from the owner of the original piece's copyright. Submitting your translation to us serves as confirmation that you hold the proper permissions.

Lantern Review seeks original visual art and photography for the forthcoming (2019) season of its magazine. Please submit up to five images at a time (additional pieces will not be considered). A cover letter including a short bio and a brief artist’s statement/description of the work should also be included with your submission. (Enter these into the appropriate fields in the form.) We can only accept images in .jpeg, .gif, .png, and .tiff formats. Each image should be no smaller than 1600 px wide.

Lantern Review